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So far this week I have gotten a lot done.  I’m planning on writing some more later, but right now I’m going to just say, I have exercised more and written more than I have in the last three days that I have in the last three months.  

I know that sounds pretty sad when you think about the last three months… but the fact that I’ve managed to keep this schedule up for three days and I am pretty comfortable/content with how things have been working out, is a huge achievement for me!

I’ll try to write more about it this weekend when I tend to have a little bit more time :)

In the meantime, please enjoy this happy puppy.


I feel so accomplished today that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

I took the dogs for a walk AND I managed to get some writing done.  Before that I worked a full day at work and had a lovely meal with Phil and his father.  Yay, ramen!  So not only did I do my job, I had time for recreation, exercise, and more work/recreation!.

Now though, it is time for bed, and considering what a full day I had, I imagine that I will fall right asleep.



"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? by marinashutup

This video should be required watching. Just, for everyone.


I found this to be very interesting!

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Weekend Shenanigans


This is the face of one very happy puppy!  We went to the dog park yesterday, and she got to run around without any other dogs.  Phil found a place in Hawaii Kai that has a section just for little dogs, so they didn’t have to worry about getting run over by a big one!  As a result, all of us felt better about being off leash, and not worried.

Dante just wandering around and did his thing.  I think he enjoyed himself as well!


Today the dogs and I didn’t go to the dog park, just for a walk around the cemetary near our house.  Dante was a slow mover today, but Marceline, after a hesitant start, was a champion walker!  She was wagging her tail and panting.  It was a little too warm to be out though.  I think in the future we’ll have to leave a little earlier.

When we got home though… sleepy dogs, yay!



Stickers! Professionally printed on high quality vinyl and laminated to resist water and wear & tear!

I’m pretty sure I need these in my life.


Stickers! Professionally printed on high quality vinyl and laminated to resist water and wear & tear!


I’m pretty sure I need these in my life.

Walkies with the puppy

Okay, so she’s really not a puppy anymore, and she is terrible at walks.  I mean seriously, every car that drives past is potentially going to come over and devour her little puppy body.  She gets so scared!

For the sake of exercise though, she’s definately good for me.  It meant I had to carry her if I wanted to make any real progress.  To be fair, she only weights 11lbs, but that’s 11lbs of squirmy little puppy that is afraid of everything.

She’s never bad like this when she is with Dante.  When I walk the two of them, usually I end up having to carry Dante because he gets tired.  He has an excuse, he is almost 13 years old!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another chance at glory!  Or at least fat puppy exercise.

Since I didn’t get any good pictures from today’s walk, here is a cute picture of my family back when Marceline first joined it!

I took the dogs out for a walk today.  We went just under a mile, and had a wonderful time!  Dante is getting older, so I ended up having to carry him for a little bit while Marceline got her exercise!  It was a lot of fun, although I have to say I am pooped.

I’ve been sick all week, so it was a bit harder on my body than it should have been, but I figured that all three of us needed to get out of the house, since we haven’t walked all week!

I gave them a bath afterwards, and now they are running around like ninnies.  I mean seriously, it’s just a little soap and water.  The way they are acting you’d think I put lemon juice in with their supper!

At least this morning they were peaceful!

Here’s to hoping that they calm down soon!



Coey & Shy’s Terrible Summer Fund and Shy’s Commissions

Hello, everyone!
Well, things have gotten so tight, we’ve had to swallow our pride and make an Indiegogo campaign to help us get back on our feet. The IGG page goes into detail, but the TL;DR is we’ve had so many unexpected and expensive bills between my trips (and probable future trips) to the hospital, the tree falling on the house and the damage it caused, and one of our cats needing surgery soon, that everything is backed up, financially. We can’t afford even basics for the time being, like restocking inventory for Otakon (which is in less than a month), getting the car fixed, down to basic bills which are going to start coming in soon.

The IGG campaign gives out thank-you cards, prints, stickers, and discounts to our Etsy shop. It’s difficult for us to stomach blatantly asking for financial help, so we tried to compensate any donations a bit, somehow.

Also I (Shy) am taking marker-coloured character-commissions through the IGG campaign for $50 (this includes shipping the piece to you). I’ve been thinking of taking some, anyway, so it just seemed to fit in as a perk for IGG. Here’s examples of my marker work.

Regardless of if you can contribute or not, it would be a HUGE help if you would reblog/retweet this to get word around. With our next con being still a month away, and a lot to pay for before it, We’re really in a bind!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so kind to us in the past, and for anyone who contributes or reblogs this IGG post!

Thank you to anyone who’s able to help, reblog or queue up for the next fe days @ o @ . It’s really appreciated!!!! and it’s a GREAT chance to snag some original art by Shy , something that she doesn’t do often!!! Also thanks to anyone who can’t donate but deals w/ seeing this post T v T;;; Take care everyone! XOXOXOX

These two make amazing art!  Help them out if you can :)